About us!


The Property Ink is devoted to creating enduring relationships with our guests by providing highly personalized services and gracious hospitality.
Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people. We believe that true world-class status is only achieved when a company combines the traditions of its local community with exceptional personal service.


We perform at extraordinary levels. We are professional in our appearance, language, and behavior.

We embrace and reflect the heritage and traditions of our Island.

We consistently anticipate and are responsive to, the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.

We exercise good judgment and act to create unique, memorable and personalized experiences for our guests. We own and resolve guest problems brought to our attention.


We continuously seek opportunities to apply creativity and improve our service and product.

We create an environment of lateral service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met.

We value every individual’s contribution and personal growth within the company.

We treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times. We do what we say we will do and are honest and fair.

We will take an active role in service to our community.

We are committed to the collective success of our company "The Property Ink".

Meet the Team!

Michel Martinez

Maintenance manager

Michel is a french native, and appart from being a devoted father and husband, he is also our #1 handyman. Michel has been in the Luxury Villa Industry for several years, and our homeowners are happy to be able to rely on his experience and expertise when it comes to the maintenance of our Luxury homes. Michel loves sailing and boats in general. Be sure to greet Michel when he stops by your Villa!

Thomas Josse

Maintenance manager

Thomas is a French native, and holds the title of " mister fix it all " in our team. Plumbing, electricity, paint, or even sheet rock, there is nothing Thomas can't fix. He glides with ease through all construction and maintenance issues, and is one of the pillars of our Ink Team, be sure to honk your horn when you pass by Thomas in his Property Ink utility truck!

Anthony Martin


Anthony or "Tony" as we call him, is an Island child. Born and raised on the island, he is a fit fanatic and loves to spend long hours at the gym working on his physique. Tony is our Greeter, he is the one to establish a warm and friendly presence for all incoming guests. He is also responsible for educating visitors on current and upcoming events, maintaining all COVID-19 health policies and safety precautions within our villas. He comes as a support to the concierge department .

Daggi Schneider


Born and raised in Germany, Daggi started traveling young and never stopped, she crossed Europe and discovered France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, England, the USA and quite a few of our dear Caribbean Islands. Multilingual Daggi is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Dutch. Daggi will be your point of contact when you arrive on the island. She will be your travel guide, event planner, excursion specialist and everything in between. She will help you shape the perfect vacation, being a source of information and booking agent at your fingertips.

Gerald Valverde

Home Experience Specialist
Gerald is a french Native who has been living on the island for decades. He is a devoted father and is our very own " Jack of all trades" . Gerald holds one of the most important responsibilities in hosting. He oversees the home experience department. Also as a personal butler he will also (perhaps most importantly) manage the wine cellar, be your on-island guide, escort you to the best local restaurants and bars, manage the logistics of transportation, payments, security, etc..

Jean-Philippe Richardson

VIP Chauffeur

Jean-Philippe or "Philippe" as we call him has been a chauffeur for our VIPs for many years. It is hard to sum up his professionalism and work ethic in a few sentences. Philippe has exceptional time management skills, is always professional and embodies all the values that we expect from our drivers at The Property Ink.

As a native of St-Martin, he has great geographical knowledge and is a great source of information about St-Martin and it's history.

Services offered by Philippe are airport pick-ups and drop offs, island tours, shopping tours, nightclub drop offs and pick-ups and more.

Jessica Mingo

Owner & Realtor

Jessica or "Jess" as her teammates call her, is of Irish descent. She is the realtor and owner of The Property Ink, in fact after working from the Luxury Retreats headquarters in Montreal, from the Airbnb Luxe head quarters in San Francisco and for Carimo locally for a total of 5 years, she decided to start her own venture and created "The Property Ink". Jessica is an island girl at heart, a devoted mother to a 6 year old boy who loves local food and carnival. Be sure to stop by the office for a cup of Irish tea and/or to discuss your interest in owning a home on our lovely island.